Chinese New Year (15)
Flower basket (29)
Bouquet (42)
Grand Opening (66)
Funeral Flower (95)
Hamper Basket (7)
Plant (11)
Orchid Plant (15)
Wedding (29)
Corsage & Wrist Flower (24)
Mid Autumn Festival (3)
Silk flower (30)
X'mas (9)


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About us

International School of Flower Arrangement

Mr. James Y. H Wong was a farmer interested in family business of horticulture and floriculture since he was a boy. In 1968, he began his flower-arrangement career by learning different styles and techniques of the art and gradually developed his own knowledge and skills.
James has been practicing his Horticulture, Floriculture and Floral art for more than thirty years. He is a man of high principle and requests for perfection for all his works. James is the Headmaster of the International School of Flower Arrangement, which has been invited to join the floral cultural exchange program of the world-renowned international floral organization in USA, the Florists’ Transworld Delivery Association. His objectives are to develop the interest of people in flower-arrangement and promote it to our future generations; and desalinate the art of Chinese floriculture overseas.
James has been awarded two Honorable Biographical Titles, two Honorable Certificates and two Biographical Honour Awards in the field of Horticulture and Floriculture in two world-renowned biographical references, the International Who’s Who of Intellectuals ( Tenth Edition ) and the Dictionary of International Biography ( Twenty Second Edition ) offered by the International Biographical Center ( IBC ) in Cambridge , UKHe has the honor to receive also the distinguished International Order of Merit awarded by IBC for his extraordinary performance in professional floral teaching.Being well-acclaimed of his extraordinary achievement in floral teaching profession and his talent in the art, James has been offered to be named in the famous International Directory of Distinguished Leadership and Awarded the Leadership Certificate and the Leadership Award by the American Biographical Institute Inc. James holds various memberships in different professional floral organizations. In order to coordinate different people with the same interest, James is the Workshop Chairman of Ikebana International Hong Kong Chapter. A Honorary Member of the Society of Horticulture. With years of endless effort in preparing an organization representing all floral professionals in HK, James founded the most well-organized and supervised floral association in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Professional Floral Designers’ Association .He is the Founding Chairman of the Association.
James has shown much dedication and enthusiasm in his work. He was previously employed by the Hotel Furama Inter-Continental, Hilton Hotels, Excelsior Hotel General Manager of Ricoblem Ltd. Century Holdings, Regal Hotels to be their flower shops and horticulture organizers.James is dedicated to his teaching career. He has been the flower-arrangement lecturer of Minner Young School of Floral Art , Northcote College of Education , Lee Wai Lee Technical Institute , Ho Tung Technical School , Diocesan Girls’ School and Hong Kong Home Economics Association. Other than local students, the International School of Flower Arrangement has accepted overseas students from China, Australia and most European and Asian countries. He is always invited to take part in different international flower exhibitions and has been responsible for floral decorations in different important occasions. He is highly acclaimed of his talent. James has devoted much effort in arranging the wedding ceremonies of famous actress , Ms Lily Ho And world-renowned signer , Ms Mei-ling Chan with gracious flower and decorations . James was invited by the Hong Kong Government to design the flower-arrangement section in the Urban Council Flower Shows in the past three years and promote the art of Hong Kong flower arrangement to overseas countries. He has also played an active role in this worthy occasion these years. James was responsible for all the flower-arrangement organization and designs in different formal ceremonies and rituals when Her Royal Highness, Princess Alexandra visited Hong Kong.
James is charitable. Other than developing his flower-arrangement career, he has spared no efforts in making contribution to different fund-raising activities for the flood victims in the Eastern China and for the Community Chest. James has also given a hand in decorating the charity gala organized by the save the children Fund. In promoting the art of flower-arrangement, Jams has demonstrated in various television programs such as the education programs produced by RTHK and the Women Today program produced by TVB. Other than local TV channels , James has also shown his works in overseas cable TV network programs in America , Canada and Australia. James is now a columnist of a major local news paper, Sing Tao Daily News, introducing and analyzing the art of flower arrangement. He was also the supplement writer for the Urban Council Flower Show 92 which was published in Sing Tao. James has written three books, “The Art of Flower-arrangement in the 90’s”, “Flower-arrangement for Home” and “Professional deluxe Selection Guide I” .
Two other visual learning materials which showing his floral demonstrations are included in a series of flower-arrangement learning videos.
James Wong also taking part of gardening designs for Cheung Kong Holdings, Henderson Developments and many other private houses for many year.